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Below are several photos of patients' teeth before and after dental treatment at Dental Cosmetix. These are very good representations of the high quality cosmetic dentistry performed at Dental Cosmetix. We pride ourselves in our artistic work and in our patients' beautiful smiles. It brings us great pleasure to be given the opportunity to take part in helping improve our patients' self-images. We will be happy to answer any questions for you and to assist you in attaining the most beautiful smile possible. Contact Dental Cosmetix if you would like to schedule a complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation. Enjoy the photos!

Before 8 Veneers
After 8 Veneers
Before 4 Veneers
After 4 Veneers
Before #8 Veneer
After #8 Veneer
Before Fixing Chip
After Fixing Chip
Before Fixing Gap
After Fixing Gap
Before Invisalign
After Invisalign
Invisalign & Veneers
Invisalign & Veneers
Before Bonding
After Bonding
Before Gap Closure
After Gap Closure
Before Assymetrical Teeth and Dark Tooth
After Assymetrical Teeth and Dark Tooth
Before Peg Lateral Bonding
After Peg Lateral Bonding
Before White Spot Removed
After White Spot Removed
Before Implant
After Implant
Before Porcelain Veneers
After Porcelain Veneers
Before Changed Canine
To Appear Like Lateral
After Changed Canine
To Appear Like Lateral
Before Lower Gaps Bonded
After Lower Gaps Bonded
Before Gum Lift
After Gum Lift
Before Jagged Edges
After Jagged Edges
Anterior Crossbite
Anterior Crossbite
Before Dark Tooth Veneering
After Dark Tooth Veneering
Before Cosmetic Veneers
After Cosmetic Veneers
Before Slanted and Chipped Edges
After Slanted and Chipped Edges

Dental Cosmetix
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10721 Main Street, Suite 2200
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
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